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I scream! You scream! We all scream for I…COs

In recent months, the popularity of initial coin offerings or initial token offerings (“ICOs”) have increased significantly as a mechanism for raising capital, utilized primarily in the technology sector and, more specifically, by financial technology (“fintech”) companies. These ICOs have resulted in companies raising widely varying amounts, anywhere from

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Checking them out before they cut the cheque: The importance of investor due diligence

For many growth-stage business owners, securing an investment requires weeks or months of invasive due diligence of your business.  During the process, usually the investor asks the questions and the business owner promptly and “happily” provides answers, hoping that each question will be the last and the answer will

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On the Borderline – Federal Privacy Commissioner’s Report on the CBSA and the “Border Security” TV Series

On June 6, 2016, the Privacy Commissioner of Canada released its Report of Findings in connection with a complaint filed by the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association regarding the television series entitled “Border Security: Canada’s Front Line”. The Privacy Commissioner considered whether the Canada Border Services Agency, a federal agency,

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