Legal counsel that puts Business first (it’s not just a motto, it’s in our name).

At MEP Business Counsel, our team is a collaborative group of accomplished business lawyers who regularly advise leading Canadian and international clients on their corporate and commercial law issues. But there’s much more than that which sets us apart. We are committed to the success of our clients. We are relentless entrepreneurs in our own right and we understand the wide range of issues, legal and otherwise, that our clients face in today’s multifaceted and dynamic business environment.

It’s with that world-class understanding that MEP Business Counsel is able to provide effective and strategic business and legal advice in a manner that is unlike anything you would find at a “boutique” law firm, but also coupled with the commercial practicality, tailoring and cost-efficiencies that are lacking from the conventional, full-service “Big Law” firms.

We’re also more than just a commercial law firm at the forefront of a changing Canadian legal landscape. With our global reach, our international clients benefit not only from our experience with cross-border transactions, including several of our lawyers qualified to practice abroad, but also from our strong connections with international law firms built through years of successful cross-border business transactions. No matter their business issue or jurisdiction, we act as conduits for our clients to ensure the correct advice is obtained in a streamlined and cost-effective manner.